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The viability of hydrogen as an alternative for heavy-duty vehicles

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo recargando hidrógeno

World authorities continue to try to establish biofuels as the new standard for vehicles Russian research vessels have reported the discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in the British Antarctic Territory, where expropriation is prohibited. It is estimated that these reserves contain around 511 billion barrels of oil. Amid escalating global tensions, this discovery […]

Deterioration in the global diesel market

En la imagen se muestra una pantalla indicando el precio del diésel

Diesel sales decline as drivers switch to other alternatives The global diesel landscape shows concerning signs of deterioration, causing unease among oil sector investors. Across Europe, the United States, and Asia, a noticeable decrease in markets has been observed, characterized by the absence of premiums in short-term prices. This phenomenon is commonly interpreted as an […]

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