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We provide intelligent insurance, license plates and trucking permit solutions.

At Saint George Insurance Brokerage we are dedicated to facilitating intelligent insurance, registration, and trucking permit solutions for each of our individual and corporate clients.

We have been doing so since 1999, growing steadily to become one of the leading commercial trucking insurance companies in the country. Our services can be contracted from several states such as: California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Utah, Washington, New York, Florida, and Oregon.

We offer coverage in Worker’s Compensation Insurance and for our clients: life insurance, coverage for their vehicles, home, and business. Betting on your convenience, you can count on our free app to consult and download your certificates of coverage whenever and wherever you need.

Cargo Transportation Insurance

Interstate Registration and License Plates, Intrastate and Interstate Commercial Vehicle Permits.

Workers' Compensation Insurance


You can travel all over the USA

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1. WASHINGTON Lic #1026026
2. OREGON Lic #100164409
3. CALIFORNIA Lic #0D01860
4. NEVADA Lic #17436
5. UTAH Lic #104839
6. ARIZONA Lic #1800003
7. COLORADO Lic #246128
8. TEXAS Lic #1535101

9. IOWA Lic #1002346
10. ILLINOIS Lic #30000609
11. MICHIGAN Lic #0122372
12. INDIANA Lic #3463827
13. OHIO Lic #1251505
14. KENTUCKY Lic #DOI-603982
15. NEW YORK Lic #PC-1573446
16. FLORIDA  Lic #L107059

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Support from the first call

To serve our customers by providing a comprehensive solution.

More than 20 years of experience

Backing of first class national and international companies

Bilingual people

English – Spanish to respond to all inquiries

Proactive Team

Personalized service to each client

Continuous analysis of alternatives

To achieve customized solutions

Management of registrations, license plates and permits

Free app

To download certificates

Mission, visión and values


United to God, we are a team of collaborators who serve with integrity and transparency one customer at a time, to connect them with intelligent insurance and permit solutions.


To reach the heart of the customer by providing intelligent answers to logistics insurance.


• Service
• Transparency
• Trustworthiness
• Always working as a team
• Efficiency
• Integrity

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