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Transformation of I-94 in Michigan: a glimpse into the future of highways

The pilot project on I-94 in Michigan has culminated in the creation of a connected corridor spanning 65 kilometers between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

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Briefs: Infrastructure projects and employment trends

Washington eases traffic on I-90, New York upgrades navigation systems, and industry employment stats in June.


Average age in the transport sector, what do the figures say?

The results of a survey revealed that no truck driver is younger than 34 years old.


Aftermath of hurricane Beryl: heatwaves, electricity loss and port closures

The Houston metropolitan area faces severe challenges following Hurricane Beryl's passage on July 8th.

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Lightening traffic congestion: the strategies for transporters

While congestion is often unavoidable, there are strategies that can help manage high-traffic areas.

Increase in cyberattacks in transportation and labor scams

The Identity Theft Resource Center reveals a troubling rise in cyberattacks within the transportation sector and labor scams facilitated by AI.

What to do in case of a traffic accident?

Traffic accidents can happen at any time, so every driver should be prepared. Knowing the process to follow after an accident will give you the ability to file an insurance claim correctly, completing each step calmly and methodically.

7 facts you probably didn’t know about the U.S.

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