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Truck Cargo United States
Truck Cargo United States
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Commercial vehicles

At Saint George Insurance Brokerage Inc. we have been insuring commercial vehicles since 1999. The best professionals in the market advise you to protect your vehicles, tractors and box trucks used for business. We know what your best options are and we offer you the ideal coverage for your field.

Insurance for commercial vehicles is a protection that covers liability and physical damage and requires a different policy than that for personal vehicles. That’s why commercial vehicle quotes include: physical damage, liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, contracted auto, and all required commercial coverages.

What type of commercial vehicles do we ensure?

All businesses that use a vehicle for commercial purposes need this special coverage. Those who transport clients, tools, make shipments or provide a home service, among others.

Tractors with trailer box, waste collection tractors, semi-trailers, tractors and flatbed trailers, tank tractors, front loaders, pickup trucks, car transport trailer and others.

We insure your commercial trailers and provide assistance bilingually.

These are some common situations in which commercial vehicle insurance is required

If you regularly use your vehicle for business activities, such as making deliveries, transporting goods, visiting clients or suppliers, you will need commercial vehicle insurance.

If you use your vehicle to transport passengers for money, such as a transportation service or a rental car service, you may need commercial vehicle insurance that covers this specific activity.

If you use your vehicle to provide professional services, such as plumbing, electrical, construction, or landscaping, you may need commercial vehicle insurance to cover any damages or liabilities related to your business.

If you equip your vehicle with tools or equipment related to your business, such as construction or catering, you may need commercial vehicle insurance to protect those assets.

If your job is freight transportation you definitely need commercial insurance

It is important to remember that specific requirements may vary by state and the type of business you have.

We recommend that you consult with our insurance agents for the most accurate and up-to-date information on commercial auto insurance requirements in your area.

Truck cargo city United States

What insurance do I need if I transport cargo?

This insurance is mandatory in most states in the United States. Covers damages and injuries caused to third parties in the event of accidents where you are responsible.

This insurance protects the cargo you transport in your truck in the event of loss, damage or theft. Having adequate cargo protection is important to protect your business and meet your customers’ requirements.

This insurance provides coverage in case of accidents or injuries that occur while working as a truck driver. It can cover medical expenses, temporary or permanent disability and, in some cases, compensation for accidental death.

This insurance covers personal injuries, property damage, and legal claims that are not related to driving, such as loading or unloading accidents.

If you own your truck and operate your own business, you may need specialized owner-operator insurance. This type of insurance can combine liability coverage, physical damage coverage for your truck, and other benefits specific to owner-operators.

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