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Five scenic and historic roads worth taking

The United States is full of routes and nooks and crannies that are worth knowing and that tell about the past of this Nation.

Throughout the United States, the natural beauty and history of a nation that has much to tell is imposed. Routes and routes that are worth traveling and that help to connect with the path in another way. Which are? The list is long. We start with these five rides published by the United States Department of Transportation.

Florida: A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Route. With a strong imprint for being the first continuously inhabited city in the country. This is St. Augustine, Florida. You can climb the lighthouse to see the immensity. A site that attracted visitors and immigrants for 500 years. You have to schedule two hours of the day to be able to travel the 72 miles.

National Scenic Byway, Arroyo Seco Historic Parkway – Route 110. In California there is much to see. This road requires 20 minutes at times of little traffic. Links Los Angeles to Pasadena through the historic Arroyo Seco Arts and Crafts landscape. Wonderful landscapes merge with panoramic views and a detour that later laid the foundations of the California highway system.

Maine’s Bold Coast Scenic Byway. At the eastern end is a site where the wild beauty recounts ancient local history. Human settlements dating back 12 thousand years have been found there. This tour showcases the historic remnants of the maritime nation, stunning natural settings, and East Coast history. It is about 147 miles of travel.

Death Valley Scenic Byway, California. After two hours of walking you have to have four more hours to enjoy the tour. This site becomes the hottest space in North America. It has 3.3 million acres of landscapes, rare wildlife, historical and cultural sites, and changing color sand dunes. A shocking detail: it is below sea level.

Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, South Carolina. After three hours of driving, this road appears that will take you back to the Cherokee past of the United States. It is a two-lane road that cuts through the low foothills of the Piedmont. To the Cherokees this site was known as the Great Blue Hills of God. The tour passes the Cowpens National Battlefield and Lake Keowee.

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