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Ohio bets on trucker stops and proposes to renovate 33 rest areas

The plan was announced by the governor, Mike DeWine. They should be finished by the end of 2026.

Four years and 33 renovated rest areas at 17 locations. This is the plan announced by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, who already inaugurated one of these spaces in Ashtabula County on westbound I-90 in March. In May he also opened the Preble County Welcome Center located off Interstate 70.

The rest area buildings should be completed by the end of 2026 and will showcase the culture of the area. “Our rest stops provide commuters, truckers and families with a safe place to rest, which can increase focus and confidence when they get back on the road… While you stretch your legs, we want to share Ohio’s incredible history and tell you about our innovative Ohioans, beautiful natural resources, and exciting attractions. We want you to know that Ohio is full of great opportunities,” the Governor announced.

ODOT currently has 85 rest areas on its highways. Ohio Department of Transportation Headquarters Press Secretary Matt Bruning told to Transport Topics: “These reinvented rest areas will include better amenities and cleaner, more modern facilities”

For this year there are three renovations on the agenda that will take place on the west side of the state. They will be in the counties of: Portage on I-76, Washington on I-77 and Meigs on Route 33.

As early as 2024, buildings and rest areas will be renovated in Belmont, Muskingum and Fayette counties. While 2025 will be much more intense with the renovation of seven areas.

The state currently has more than 14,000 truck parking spaces. Of every 10 stops, almost 2 are public and the rest are private. But more than most are found in rural areas.

Rest spaces and parking lots for truckers are a priority for the sector and with these restorations the aim is to provide more and better quality services to those who travel long distances.

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