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Tell me what tires you use and I’ll tell you if you need to change them

Sensors that will warn if the tire is worn or punctured. Advanced technology that already tells the vehicle the levels of friction. The tires to come.

Smart tires are a near possibility in the industry. It is an AI that is in advanced development and that is based on the use of sensors that will generate data to know if the tire is in good condition, if they can last longer or if they need any service.

Companies such as Goodyear, Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone are developing this technology that will improve the quality of life for many drivers and truckers.

In addition to reducing the chances of accidents related to tire failure, the idea is even to cover possible wear and tear that would occur with electric vehicles. This type of transport is heavier than those that run on gasoline, which generates greater friction in the tires.

It is projected that these sensors can measure the temperature of the tires, warn drivers about possible problems and detect punctures.

But there is more, the Goodyear company partnered with Gatik, specialized in autonomous trucks. Both produce a technology that will measure road friction and notify the vehicle’s driving system in real time. To test the discoveries and during the winter it was tested in a pilot program and in the Toronto area.

“You can get an idea of what the road conditions are just by looking at the weather, but what you don’t get by doing that is actual friction levels. Now we can measure that and send it back to the vehicle,” said Erin Spring, Goodyear’s senior director of materials science.

Away from new technologies and while waiting for these advances, the Tire Manufacturers Association of America recommends all drivers: “Fall temperatures mean it’s time to check your tire pressure more often. Proper pressure gives the tires the ability to support the vehicle. It also gives you better control while driving.”

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