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Truckers: Nebraska and Dakota extend service hours due to the crisis

In North Dakota the emergency has to do with record snowfall while in Nebraska there is a fuel shortage.

The governors of North Dakota and Nebraska have issued 30-day HOS waivers for agricultural and fuel deliveries in an attempt to alleviate the emergency unfolding in both states. For one month (until June 4) truckers will be able to develop extended hours.

The case of Nebraska has to do with the lack of fuel and the high demand. For this reason, Governor Jim Pillen issued Order 23-09 that implements an emergency resource. Only those who transport diesel, biodiesel, gasoline or mixtures of gasoline, fuel oil, ethanol, and propanol may work extended hours.

To mobilize during these extended hours, drivers must carry the order in their trucks as it will be requested.

In North Dakota, the emergency situation has to do with the great winter storms and record snowfalls that have caused farmers to be unable to start planting and treating their land on time. For this reason, trucks will have to transport larger amounts of agricultural inputs in less time. It was Governor Doug Burgum who signed this waiver.

“Nothing in this order shall be construed to exempt carriers operating under this order from regulations relating to driver qualifications, the operation of commercial motor vehicles, or parts and accessories necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles. vehicles”, is detailed in the order given by Burgum.

In both cases, drivers must have at least 10 consecutive hours of rest before they can return to work. Those who are fatigued or sick may not transport anything either.

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