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It dates from the time of the First World War and has been trying to be repealed for years. The sector’s struggle to eliminate the tax on new trucks.

A tax, created at the time of the First World War, is in the sights of the sector. This is the federal special tax of 12 percent that is applied to the purchase of new trucks and that today seeks to be repealed.

To this end, the American Trucking Associations (ATA), the American Truck Dealers and the Zero Emission Transportation Association have asked legislators to annul the tax which, according to their estimates, could increase the price of heavy vehicles that have low issue.

“As the heavy vehicle industry looks to modernize fleets and meet more stringent fuel economy standards, the federal tax structure must evolve to reflect rapidly changing infrastructure and heavy vehicle markets. The federal excise tax on heavy trucks is an outdated revenue stream that disproportionately taxes small businesses and reduces demand for emerging technologies like electric vehicles. We urge you to repeal it for heavy vehicles and equipment to implement clean trucks and modernize the truck fleet”, reads the letter they officially presented.

On February 15, ATA President Chris Spear spoke about the industry-wide rejection in Congress and before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “Mandates for emissions reductions and decarbonization will require the widespread deployment of new, cleaner or alternative fuel vehicles that are significantly more expensive and not yet widely available. The old-fashioned federal heavy vehicle excise tax, created by Congress to finance America’s participation in World War I, adds an additional 12% to the cost of each new truck. If Congress is serious about reducing trucking and supply chain emissions, then the first step is to eliminate this onerous tax and immediately make new, clean equipment more affordable,” he remarked.

It is not the first time that an attempt has been made to repeal this tax. ATA has been fighting this 12 percent for years. The Modern, Clean and Safe Trucks Act, which could have eliminated the tax, was never enacted.

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