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And your commercial vehicle, is it safe?

Keys to select the correct insurance, the vehicles that have coverage and what influences.

A commercial car is much more than just transportation. It represents the means to. The means to reach the customer, the means where the employee or owner spends a large part of their day, the portable office, the fundamental work tool. That is why taking care of it and protecting it with the best insurance is essential. Commercial vehicle insurance protects against liability and physical damage. But additionally there is a policy for those who are more exposed to risk.

In this way, commercial automobile insurance is imposed for industrial vehicles and for semi-trailers or dump trucks. While companies that carry passengers, tools or make shipments, for example, need a commercial auto policy.

How to select the right insurance?

The insurance must meet several needs to protect your interests (income and vehicle). Must cover liability, bodily injury, medical payments, uninsured motorist, rental car, third party coverage, and any auto. 

What type of business vehicles does it cover?

Cars, vans, SUVs, trucks and transports ranging from tractors to trailers.

What influences my insurance?

Occupation, vehicle, number of drivers, coverage needs, location, and driving history.

Those who have accidents may suffer changes in the rate when renewing their policy. It should be noted that who was at fault, how the accident occurred and other factors are evaluated before applying this modification.

Importantly, commercial vehicle drivers must be listed on the policy and additional drivers may be covered, but there are restrictions for those not listed on the policy.

Personal use

One of the most frequently asked questions has to do with personal use. What if something happens when you use the commercial vehicle personally? Insurance does cover it.

Two facts to keep in mind:

Vehicle tools and materials are not always covered. If they are permanent and connected to transport, they will be protected by the policy, but if they are additional, an extra lower coverage will be needed. The same happens in the case of theft of personal items that are not a stable or fixed part of the truck or vehicle.

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