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Sunny outlook: optimism for the transportation market this summer

En la imagen se muestran contenedores de cargamento y un camión

The Outbound Tender Volume Index shows an increase of over 7.1% The Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) serves as a record of electronic requests from shippers to carriers, primarily in long-term contracts. This index has shown an increase between May 26th and June 3rd, of over 7.1%, highlighting one of the largest increases in demand […]

Hurricane season: disruptions to refinery operations

En la imagen se muestra una refinería

Between 17 and 25 storms are expected and could result in significant disruptions to oil production Current reports indicate a downward trend in fuel prices, with a national average below $4 per gallon. However, projections of an active hurricane season could trigger a shift in this dynamic. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration […]

A look at the declining diesel prices in the US

En la imagen se muestra una bomba de diésel

Despite conflicts in the Middle East and navigation diversions in the Red Sea, oil prices remain unaffected The average diesel price has decreased for the fifth consecutive week. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), this week’s average retail diesel price dropped by 4.6 cents, reaching $3.848 per gallon. Over the past five declines, the […]

Low distillate consumption in the United States: factors and trends

En la imagen se muestra una destiladora

Distillate consumption in the U.S. has remained at low levels, reflecting economic and energy factors According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), distillate consumption in the United States has remained at low levels during the current year, reflecting various factors impacting both economic activity and energy preferences. In its Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR), average […]

Deterioration in the global diesel market

En la imagen se muestra una pantalla indicando el precio del diésel

Diesel sales decline as drivers switch to other alternatives The global diesel landscape shows concerning signs of deterioration, causing unease among oil sector investors. Across Europe, the United States, and Asia, a noticeable decrease in markets has been observed, characterized by the absence of premiums in short-term prices. This phenomenon is commonly interpreted as an […]

Increase in U.S. producer prices in february

En la imagen se muestra una gráfica haciendo referencia a la inflación

The acceleration of producer prices in February suggests that inflation could remain high in the spring During the month of February, producer prices in the United States experienced a sharper increase than anticipated, raising concerns about a potential acceleration of inflation in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor released […]

Risks and price increases in world fuel production

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Fuel production disruptions, transportation attacks, and Western sanctions are driving price hikes Disturbances in trade routes and refinery closures have contributed to the rise in global fuel prices. Increases in gasoline and diesel surpass those of crude oil in some major markets. Fuel production disruptions, transportation attacks, and Western sanctions are driving price hikes. Despite […]

275,000 new jobs registered in February in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestran trabajadores

A much higher number than the 229,000 added in January In February, the United States once again saw a month of robust hiring, adding an impressive total of 275,000 new jobs. This figure notably exceeds the 229,000 jobs added in January. Despite a slight increase of two-tenths in the unemployment rate, reaching 3.9%, it remains […]

Cross-border freight transportation and the supply chain

En la imagen se muestran camiones en la cadena de suministro

Cross-border transportation and the vital role of the supply chain in U.S. border cities. The continuous growth of cross-border truck freight transportation halted in December, with a slight decline in North American transportation. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in December, over $73 billion worth of goods were moved by truck across borders, marking […]

Turbulent waters of the 2024 freight transportation market

En la imagen se muestra transporte de mercancía

The year 2024 has begun with multiple challenges in the freight transportation industry. DAT Freight & Analytics reports that the road freight transportation market continues to show sluggishness, even in February. This trend is attributed to decreased demand and the ongoing reduction in fleet capacity. Contradictory signals are observed in the market, influenced by post-pandemic […]

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