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Give a white rose…

With the arrival of Mother’s Day, the Office of Customs and Border Protection warns about prohibited flowers.

His love, his tenderness, his constant presence will soon be celebrated in the United States. And with Mother’s Day approaching, US Customs and Border Protection agricultural specialists remind shippers and travelers that there are several restrictions on products being imported from Mexico.

What is sought to avoid is the entry of fungi that later endanger other plants. Especially the “white rust of the chrysanthemum”.

“Certain flowers, vegetation, potted plants, and soil are prohibited to prevent the introduction of plant diseases, invasive insects, and parasitic nematodes. Because of their destructiveness, invasive plant diseases and pests reduce the quality of ornamental plants and crops, costing millions in eradication efforts and export trade restrictions,” reports the CBP.

What is prohibited? Chrysanthemums from Mexico to start. Arrangements with any of those flowers. Those who want to import agricultural items or flowers should read the CBP website.

“Our CBP agriculture specialists are carefully inspecting cut flowers and other plant materials to ensure they are free of pests and to protect the US agricultural industry, which is crucial to ensuring economic vitality”, Mariza Marin said, Director of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. “To avoid delays or fines, we encourage travelers to declare all flowers entering the US”, clarified.

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