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In numbers: less unemployment in the trucking sector

Women are the ones most affected by the lack of work. Statistics for May.

The US transportation sector unemployment rate marked a sizeable decline in May. The number reached 3.6% as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If this month is compared with that of last year, it can be observed that this rate fell 0.9 points.

But there is more, if it is compared with the level before the pandemic, it is also detected that there was a large decrease of 7 percent. In other words, in May 2023 there was less unemployment in the sector than in the same month of 2022 and than before the pandemic.

“Unemployment in the transport sector was above general unemployment. The BLS reports that the seasonally adjusted US unemployment rate for May 2023 was 3.4%, or 0.2 percentage points below the rate for the transportation sector. Seasonally adjusted, the US unemployment rate in May 2023 was 3.6%”, details the report from this Office.

If the masculine and feminine genders are analyzed, it can be detected that it was the women who suffered the most from the absence of work. Within the sector, ladies make up less than half of the workforce in both transportation and warehousing. Added to this is the fact that the unemployment rate for women is higher than that for men.

What about the different ethnicities? The race defined as white leads the statistics with 66.2% of the total transportation and storage employees. The second place is disputed by two marked ethnic groups, according to data from the United States Department of Transportation. Workers who identify as Black or African American at 23.2% of the workforce and Hispanic or Latino at 22.6%. At the bottom rung are those who identify as Asian who represent the smallest part of this sector.

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