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Seven more convicted in Operation Sideswipe that investigates simulated accidents against truckers

The FBI investigates 150 accidents that occurred in New Orleans. The mechanism of scammers and breakthroughs.

network of scams was created in New Orleans where there are already 50 people arrested for their role in simulated accidents against trucks with trailers. The FBI commands this Operation called Sideswipe that seeks to dismantle this series of fraudulent lawsuits against insurers and trucking companies.

In the last time, seven people were arrested, of the 50 already mentioned, who were part of these incidents that occurred between 2017 and 2020 in this Louisiana city. In the investigation, the FBI analyzes 150 intentional accidents against trucks.

“Another individual sentenced for conspiring to stage car accidents in order to defraud trucking and insurance companies: Marvel François was sentenced to 5 years probation, 100 hours of community service and payment of restitution,” the FBI tweeted. from New Orleans.

Marvel François, 54, Troy Smith, 58, Bernell Gale, 46, Tanya Givens, 45, Dakota Diggs, Herbert Allen, 38, and Dion Ridley, 23, were found guilty of different crimes in this case.

How did the band work?

One of the official communiqués from the New Orleans FBI details the actions of Mario Solomon, 48, one of those arrested and sentenced for this fraud. In his case, his participation in the staged accidents was wire fraud.

“According to documents filed in Federal Court, Solomon, along with his accomplices and others, from approximately June 2017 to the present, conspired to commit wire fraud in connection with staged accidents, including two that occurred on June 6, 2017. and June 12, 2017”, reports the FBI on its official website.

It continued: “Previously, Solomon’s co-defendants (Larry Williams, Lucinda Thomas, Mary Wade, Judy Williams, Dashontae Young and Damian Labeaud) pleaded guilty and knowingly admitted to their involvement in a scheme to stage auto accidents in the New Orleans area in an effort to defraud trucking and insurance companies”.

In this case, Solomon was a Labeaud “spotter” and as such followed Labeaud in another vehicle as Labeaud prepared to stage the accident against an 18-wheeler truck. After the accident, Solomon had to pick up Labeaud and was paid by him as an “observer”.

In almost all of the accidents and in the plaintiff’s car there was more than one person. The impacts were almost always from the side and did not cause major damage to the fraudster’s vehicle or the trucker.

“Solomon’s co-defendants received a total of $43,000 as a result of the fraudulent claims filed in his name”, the FBI explained.

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