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The secrets of film insurance and celebrity protections

En la imagen se muestra un rodaje de película

In the film industry, trial and error are common practices and insurance plays an important role Every year, movies script their own stories. With the 96th Academy Awards, the most prestigious accolade in the film industry, we once again witnessed the marvel that directors, writers, actors, actresses, and the entire team behind a film create […]

Broker Fraud: trucking industry challenges and regulations

En la imagen se observan las leyendas "Broker" y "Fake"

This situation significantly impacts small businesses and independent drivers Broker fraud costs the trucking industry up to $800 million annually. Representative Mike Bost voiced the issue of broker fraud in the trucking industry during a recent House subcommittee hearing. Bost thoroughly analyzed the situation and explained how this scam operates. There are individuals posing as […]

Insuring the Titanic: the tale of the unsinkable ship

Titanic insurance victims

The Olympic and the Titanic were fully insured for a total of £1 million each Have you ever wondered, who insured the Titanic? To delve into this part of the famous ship’s history, we go back in time to the year 1828, placing ourselves in the United Kingdom. We begin with the establishment of Henry […]

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