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Challenges and uncertainties in the freight brokerage industry

En la imagen se muestra un hombre con una computadora, junto a una mujer, en un área con contenedores de carga

The numbers and current state of the industry lead to the conclusion that the return of the full truckload market remains uncertain The downturn in the freight transportation sector continues to affect companies like Surge and Convoy, which have been forced to exit the business. With offer rejection rates around 4%, the first quarter of […]

Insuring the Titanic: the tale of the unsinkable ship

Titanic insurance victims

The Olympic and the Titanic were fully insured for a total of £1 million each Have you ever wondered, who insured the Titanic? To delve into this part of the famous ship’s history, we go back in time to the year 1828, placing ourselves in the United Kingdom. We begin with the establishment of Henry […]

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