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Briefs: truckers challenge parking laws, speed limits, and safety regulations

En la imagen se muestra un camión en carretera

Truckers sue Palm Beach County, California introduce smart speed laws, Colorado in commercial vehicle bill Truckers sue Palm Beach County, Florida over parking fines in The Acreage The community of The Acreage in Palm Beach County, Florida, once a parking spot for state and interstate truckers, found itself embroiled in a dispute in February. The controversy […]

Briefs: new legislations in the trucking industry

En la imagen se muestran vehículos en carretera

The EPA, Colorado and Missouri introduce new legislation in the trucking industry Debate among truckers and EPA: truck emission standards The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set new emission standards for trucks, requiring a quarter of sleeper cab tractor-trailers to be “zero-emission” by 2032. These regulations, known as “Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Heavy-Duty […]

Weather alerts in Texas and Colorado

En la imagen se muestra una tormenta de nieve y un incendio forestal

Wildfires devastated the Panhandle region in Texas, while Colorado is impacted by a snowstorm on its highways Last month, five devastating wildfires swept through the Panhandle, the world’s leading livestock region, burning 1.1 million acres of land, destroying hundreds of structures, and causing the deaths of over 7,000 cattle. These fires have caused disruptions in […]

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