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Wildfires devastated the Panhandle region in Texas, while Colorado is impacted by a snowstorm on its highways

Last month, five devastating wildfires swept through the Panhandle, the world’s leading livestock region, burning 1.1 million acres of land, destroying hundreds of structures, and causing the deaths of over 7,000 cattle.

These fires have caused disruptions in freight rail transportation and have had severe consequences on livestock and agriculture. Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster on February 27 in 60 counties, allowing the FMCSA to temporarily suspend hours of service regulations for truck drivers providing direct assistance in fire-affected areas.

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The Texas Transportation Association has collaborated with firefighters by providing truck tires to combat these wildfires that have ravaged over 1 million acres in rural Panhandle. This collaboration has facilitated the delivery of specialized military tires to Canadian, Texas, the epicenter of the wildfires, as part of relief operations.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has temporarily lifted regulations concerning carriers engaged in wildfire response and recovery activities, enabling them to work additional hours within federal guidelines and bolstering endeavors to safeguard lives.

A snowstorm impacts Colorado highways

An intense storm in northern Colorado dumped over 1.2 meters of snow before dissipating on March 15. The storm left thousands without electricity and caused road closures in the mountains and foothills west of Denver.

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The storm closed a key highway to ski resorts and parts of Interstate 70, the state’s primary east-west thoroughfare. In Denver, approximately 25 centimeters of snow fell, while surrounding areas saw up to 50 centimeters, reaching 1.2 meters in the foothills. Interstate 70 was closed in the mountains on March 14 due to stranded snowbound trucks, blocking traffic for hours.

The Colorado Department of Transportation urges drivers to exercise caution and check conditions on COTrip before traveling, as areas with large snowdrifts and icy roads still persist.

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