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Discussion on regulations in the transportation industry

En la imagen se muestra el cuerpo de un hombre de espaldas, frente a un camión

The trucking industry, which relies heavily on contractors and owner-operators, how do regulations affect these groups? The delay in finalizing government regulations has sparked criticism and debates over the government’s speed of action. While some believe the government is moving too fast, others argue that regulations are too slow. Recently, representatives from the American Trucking […]

Top 10 most congested highways in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra una congestión en autopista

ATRI published its annual list of the most congested highways, details here. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently released its 13th annual list of the most congested highways, bottlenecks, for trucks in the United States. Prominent states included Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston, making multiple appearances. The list evaluates congestion at over 325 points on […]

Average diesel price increases again

En la imagen se muestra una manguera de diésel

This week’s records show an increase in average diesel prices in all regions. In recent weeks, we have observed diesel prices remaining stable, experiencing declines in most regions. This week, reports from ProMiles.com and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) indicate that more regions saw an increase in average diesel prices, contrary to what had been […]

Nevada says yes to sustainable fuels: biofuel refinery coming soon

En la imagen se muestra una refinería ficticia de biocombustibles

Edgewood Renewables receives an incentive to establish a biofuels refinery in North Las Vegas. Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo approved a $11.7 million tax reduction for Edgewood Renewables as an incentive for establishing a biofuel refinery. This project, endorsed by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, was announced on January 25 by Lombardo in collaboration with […]

Briefs: broker rule, Buy America exemption rejected, and U.S. diesel prices.

En la imagen se muestran vehículos transitando por carretera

FMCSA issues new broker rule, House rejects “Buy America” exemption, and diesel prices remain stable. FMCSA establishes new regulations for brokers. In November, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a final rule on the financial responsibilities of brokers and freight forwarders. This regulation, aimed at enhancing broker safety regulation, took effect on Tuesday, […]

Choosing between new and used trucks for your business

En la imagen se muestran unas manos intercambiando una llave de un camión

Buying new vs. used trucks, a quick guide to make the right choice. Acquiring a used truck can be the ideal solution for companies with tight budgets. According to the Truck Purchase and Lease Survey published by Overdrive.com, approximately 60% of owner-operators acquire Class 8 trucks that are second-hand. However, opting for a used truck […]

$623 million investment in electric vehicle infrastructure

En la imagen se muestran vehículos eléctricos siendo recargados

These grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto Rico. The Biden administration will allocate $623 million in grants to boost the construction of a national electric vehicle charging network. Announced on January 11, these grants will support 47 charging stations and related projects in 22 states and Puerto […]

Navigating the Storm: Expert Insights into Freight and Trucking Fraud

By Bob Dilliplaine In the dynamic world of freight and trucking, the current economic climate has ushered in a challenging era marked by a significant rise in fraudulent activities. As an industry expert with years of experience, I’m here to guide you through these turbulent times, offering crucial insights and strategies to safeguard your business […]

Briefs: 2024 updates on lane change and speed limits, plus fuel prices stability

En la imagen se muestra una carretera con vehículos circulando

Updates on the second week of 2024. Kentucky and Ohio expand traffic regulations. In Kentucky, a legislative priority focuses on revising state lane change regulations. A proposed bill in the House aims to include Kentucky in the states extending lane change rules to cover all road users. Representative Mary Beth Imes sponsors HB19, seeking to […]

Tesla’s range adjustments in response to new government regulations

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo de color negro, en una estación de recarga de la marca Tesla.

Tesla has recently lowered the estimated range for variants of its X, S, Y, and 3 models. Tesla has reduced the estimated range of its electric vehicles in response to new government regulations in the United States. The company has previously been criticized for providing inflated figures, leading to customer complaints and drawing the attention […]

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