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US what? One by one, the list of federal permits to transit the roads of the United States

Permits, taxes and forms to keep up to date.

The list of federal and state permits that transportation companies or truckers must have is long and sometimes cumbersome. Procedures that can take time to be granted, always depending on the body that issues it, but that serve to reduce injuries, deaths and property losses in commercial vehicle accidents.

There are four types of permits, large-scale, federal, state, those that authorize the transport of hazardous materials, and those for long and wide loads. All are mandatory and become even more complex when it comes to passenger transport.

In this article we are going to refer specifically to federal permits. How are they called? What are they used for and who grants them?

USDOT. It is one of the best known and is awarded by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). It is the unique registration number of each business that needs to operate as cargo transportation in the United States.

MC (Motor Carrier Number). It is a permit that is given to the business or carrier that operates out of a state (Interstate). Whoever requests it must go through all the requirements requested by the FMCSA.

BOC-3 (Blanket Of Company). The FMCSA explains it this way: “The applicant must contact a process agent, who can file Form BOC-3 (Process Agent Designation) with the FMCSA. Only one completed form can be in the file. You must include all states for which agency designations are required. The carrier or broker must keep a copy at their principal place of business. Companies can select any general company in the process agent list (they are not limited to the state in which they are domiciled). Each company has a process agent that they work with in each state.”

Thus, it can be said that it is a form presented by the transport company where agents are designated who will advise on the legal processes of each state through which it transits. The function of the agent is to receive information about what happened on the route and notify the company.

UCR (Unified Carrier Registration). This is the tax paid by companies based on the number of commercial vehicles they have. This money is used to maintain the state of the roads and is applied only to those who travel interstate.

2290 (Annual Road Tax Form). It is an annual Highway Tax form made by the transport companies or the owner of the commercial vehicle. The tax for heavy vehicles (greater than 26 thousand pounds) is paid in this way.

EIN (Employer Identification Number). Granted by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to commercial entities operating in the United States. It is a unique number that serves as identification.

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