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With the 4th of July fast approaching, it's appropriate to highlight some of the quirks that make this country so special

The United States is undoubtedly a unique place in many aspects. From its diverse landscapes and climates to the diversity of its population. Its history is also filled with facts and curiosities that distinguish it from other countries. With the 4th of July, anniversary of the United States’ Independence, it is appropriate to highlight some of the peculiarities that make this country so special.

Curiosities of the United States, the land of the free

1. The official flag was designed by a high school student

In 1958, a 17-year-old student named Robert Heft created a design for a school project. Even though there were only 48 states at that time, Heft decided to trust his instincts and added Alaska and Hawaii to the design. His teacher gave him a low grade. However, when Heft submitted his design to the White House and received a call from President Eisenhower informing him that his design had been chosen as the new official flag of the United States, his grade was significantly improved.

En la imagen se muestra la bandera de Estados Unidos

2. It does not have an official language

Although English is the most widely spoken language in the United States, followed by Spanish, neither of these languages is native to the country. According to historians, the Founding Fathers decided to keep English and saw no need to establish an official language. This decision facilitated communication among inhabitants, as various languages were spoken, and English became the common language for all.

En la imagen se muestra la palabra "English"

3. They are lovers of pizza

The United States is renowned for its love of fast food, and did you know their favorite is pizza? According to an article in the Washington Post, Americans love it so much that approximately 100 acres of pizza are consumed daily within its borders. Surveys show that Americans prefer pizza even over hamburgers, considering it an essential food.

En la imagen se muestra una pizza

4. Uses approximately 17% of Earth’s energy

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported in 2017 that the country used around 98 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy, corresponding to 17% of the total energy of the Earth. Could it be to heat their pizzas?

En la imagen se muestra Estados Unidos con luces

5. New York is the most populated city

New York City is truly the most populous city in the entire country, so much so that approximately 1 in 38 Americans lives there. Its population density is 27,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, and a person is born in New York every 4.5 minutes.

En la imagen se muestra gente caminando en Nueva York

6. Los dinosaurios vivían en Estados Unidos

Parece que los dinosaurios disfrutaban de vivir en Estados Unidos, ya que este país no solo alberga la mayor cantidad de fósiles de dinosaurios descubiertos, sino también la mayor diversidad. Aunque los hallazgos están dispersos por todo el país, la mayoría se han realizado en regiones desérticas. Estas áreas carecen de vegetación, lo que hace que los fósiles sean más accesibles, cubiertos solo por arena y roca en lugar de estar enterrados bajo árboles y tierra.

En la imagen se muestran palentólogos trabajando

7. Los fuegos artificiales no pueden faltar

La celebración del 4 de julio comenzó en 1777, un año después de la firma de la Declaración de Independencia. Grandes celebraciones con fuegos artificiales tuvieron lugar en Pensilvania y Boston desde el principio. En 1783, los fuegos artificiales se hicieron accesibles al público, lo que extendió aún más la tradición. Hasta hoy, la celebración del 4 de julio no estaría completa sin la presencia de los fuegos artificiales.

En la imagen se muestran fuegos artificiales
En la imagen se muestra una señal de alto

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