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This will be the replacement of your electric batteries, after the fire in your units.

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A fire in June and a second incident in August led Nikola Corp. to recall and stop selling its battery-electric trucks. Last September the company announced its new launch: a hydrogen truck, an alternative solution.

After the fire that occurred on June 23 at the company’s facilities, Nikola took a drastic solution, stopping production of all its Class 8 Tre and recovering those sold for new tests.

The company has been looking to recover after the incidents that occurred, and its recent efforts include the appointment of Girsky, former vice president of General Motors Co. as its new CEO, along with the news of a new truck that promises to revolutionize the market .

How hydrogen vehicles work


It is a completely electric vehicle, which runs on a fuel cell that is powered by hydrogen. The Tre FCEV, still in production, already has 277 orders from 35 customers and the units are expected to be available by the end of this year.

Charging socket of an electric car with blue light

The Tre FCEV truck uses a process in which it transforms hydrogen into electrical energy by combining it with oxygen. Additionally, it supplements its battery with hydrogen energy from the fuel cell for acceleration, capturing energy through regenerative braking. According to information found on Nikola Corp’s official website, it boasts a maximum range of 500 miles and a recharge time of 20 minutes or less.


Regarding the incidents, on November 2, the company declared that it will end the production of the battery packs that were used in the trucks that were supplied by Romeo Power Inc. The replacement process will cost $61.8 million. dollars for the company.


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