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Upcoming fuel tax hike, trucking bills and average U.S. diesel prices

Increase in fuel taxes starting in July

Starting July 1st, significant adjustments to fuel tax rates will be implemented across several states in the United States. In California, automatic increases will be introduced to keep pace with inflation, raising the gasoline tax by 1.7 cents per gallon and the diesel tax by 1.3 cents per gallon.

In Colorado, special taxes on gasoline and diesel will also be raised as a result of a state law aimed at bolstering transportation funding. These adjustments, indexing taxes to inflation and the national highway construction cost index, reflect a commitment to improving road infrastructure and promoting electric vehicle usage.

Meanwhile, in states such as Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Virginia, adjustments will vary. From increases tied to long-term legislative plans to decreases adjusted by specific formulas, these changes seek to balance tax revenue and road infrastructure needs in response to fluctuations in fuel prices and state investment requirements.

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Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development

Several proposals of interest to truckers have been included in the initial draft of the 2025 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill. Proposed by the House Appropriations Committee, these include a $200 million investment in truck parking projects and the prohibition of speed limits imposed by the FMCSA, reflecting similar provisions in both the House and Senate DRIVE legislation.

Additionally, the THUD 2025 bill incorporates other noteworthy provisions. These include banning electronic logging devices on agricultural operations, restrictions on driver-facing cameras in pilot programs for those under 21, and prohibiting modifications to FMCSA exemptions for meal or rest breaks.

The legislative process continues with a review hearing scheduled for Thursday, June 27th, marking a significant step toward final approval and eventual implementation of the legislation for the next fiscal year.

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Diesel prices in the United States rise

The national average diesel price has increased for the second consecutive week. With a rise of 3.4 cents, it now averages $3.769 per gallon, according to data from the Energy Information Administration published on June 24th.

The average price per gallon of diesel by region, as reported by ProMiles, is as follows:

  • Atlantic Low – $3.790
  • Central Atlantic – $4.088
  • California – $4.913
  • East Coast – $3.876
  • West Coast – $4.420
  • Gulf Coast – $3.506
  • Midwest – $3.990
  • Rocky Mountains – $3.710
  • New England – $4.088
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