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After the fire that occurred on June 23 at the company's facilities, Nikola took a drastic solution.

Nikola’s case adds to a long wave of trucks, vehicles and even ships that had problems and ended up in flames. In the case of the ships, suspicion points to the lithium-ion batteries they were transporting. In Nikola’s the story goes back to a truck that was stopped and being checked and that started up in Phoenix on June 23.

The fire affected other trucks and sparked the debate. What happened? There was talk of a “black hand” or a “dirty game”. Finally, the story was less convoluted, a leak in the coolant from the battery.

Now the company decided to stop the production of all its Class 8 Tre and recover those sold to carry out new tests. Thus, this recall is added to those of other companies that had to do the same with their electric models.

So far more than 200 trucks have been recovered. And sales were completely suspended until it was determined what really happened. After investigation, the company must notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“It is unlikely that foul play or other external factors caused the incident,” Nikola said in a statement.

On the origin of the fire, the company was very clear: “Internal investigations by Nikola’s safety and engineering teams indicate that a single supplier component within the battery pack is the likely source of the refrigerant leak and ongoing Efforts to provide a field solution in the coming weeks”.

For those who want to keep their truck running, the company gave some safety tips that include: parking your vehicle outdoors and in places where all wireless updates generated by the company can be enabled and placing the switch on battery disconnect main power on so that it can be monitored in time.

At the moment “only two (2) battery packs have experienced a thermal event, out of more than 3,100 truck packs produced to date (less than 0.07%),” the company remarked.


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