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Recent commercial vehicle recalls: safety issues and malfunctions

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Below are the latest recalls and corresponding issues for each model The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently issued recalls for certain commercial vehicles, including brands such as Daimler Trucks, Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, among others. Dealerships will ensure to correct the issues provided owners contact them promptly. Below are the latest recalls […]

6 trucking companies with competitive salaries

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Learn about the trucking companies in the United States that offer the best compensation to their employees In an effort to ensure that truckers are aware of the best options for employment, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) has compiled a list of the highest-paying trucking companies in the industry today. The companies that stand out on […]

The 8 most common types of truck accidents

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Study reveals various types of incidents involving trucks and the victim groups involved A study by Volvo Trucks on the most common road accidents reveals various incidents involving trucks and the affected victim groups. The aim of this study is to prevent and raise awareness about these accidents to enhance road safety. According to the […]

Differences between American and European trucks: why are they so unlike?

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If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between trucks in the United States and those in Europe, the answer can be summarized in four main reasons The design of trucks varies considerably between the United States and Europe, and these differences go beyond mere aesthetics. In North America, large trucks cater to factors such as […]

6 habits for a healthy diesel engine

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Whether due to lack of time, knowledge or other factors, some practices can reduce the life of a diesel engine. Learn how to improve these habits Despite the durability offered by diesel engines in trucks, it’s essential to follow a careful maintenance routine to ensure their longevity. In addition to regular visits to the mechanic, […]

May shows decline in transportation jobs: what are the statistics?

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Current losses put May total jobs at 24,600 below July 2023 level The monthly employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals a significant decrease in truck transportation jobs in May, falling back to the level of last November. According to the BLS, seasonally adjusted jobs reached the same figure as November at […]

Furry companions: the best dog breeds to accompany truck drivers

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Studies have shown that dogs help reduce conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress. What are the best breeds to take on the road? The job of a truck driver can become solitary. That’s why having a pet to accompany them on their journeys is an excellent way to combat mental health challenges and feel […]

Truckers resort to paying for private spaces in the face of parking shortages

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Finding parking remains a key challenge in the trucking industry Parking remains one of the major challenges in the road transportation industry. According to a 2019 Jason’s Law survey, with only 313,000 parking spots in the United States, truckers continue to struggle to secure these spaces, while the number of trucks on roads and highways […]

5 years of closures: transport companies that left the sector

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5 transportation companies that were forced to close their doors, affecting thousands of employees Over the past five years, the road transport sector has faced a series of challenges, from high demand to fuel price hikes and stricter regulations, along with a pandemic that drastically altered the supply chain. Despite efforts to stay afloat, market […]

Return-to-duty process for drivers

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Drivers who commit drug and alcohol violations must immediately abandon their current responsibilities to begin the process before returning to vehicle operation Drug and alcohol violations carry major repercussions for drivers and all parties involved. The U.S. Department of Transportation provides a detailed framework around these violations, including one of the most complicated steps: reinstatement. […]

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