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Differences between company driver and owner-operator in road transport

En la imagen se muestra un conductor frente a un camión

Company drivers and owner-operators share the same objective, however their differences are substantial The road transport sector consists of two variants that, although sharing the same responsibilities, present fundamental differences. Being a company driver and being an owner-operator are both pillars of commerce through the distribution of goods. So, what are these differences? While at […]

Who let the dogs out! New requirements for truck drivers with dogs in the U.S.

En la imagen se muestra un perro en un camión

The Laredo Field Office of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced a new requirement for dogs entering the country The bond between truck drivers and their pets has been notable, with 40% choosing to have canine companions on their long journeys. Studies indicate that these animals not only reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, […]

Collective strategies for truck driver safety on the highways

En la imagen se muestran dos camioneros

Effective accident prevention also requires collaboration and safe practices Long-haul truck drivers in the United States operate crucial heavy vehicles for freight transport, with a minimum capacity of 26,000 pounds. They work an average of 60 hours per week and cover over 100,000 miles annually, exposing them to significant risks of fatigue and distraction while […]

The importance of vehicle liability insurance

En la imagen se muestra un choque de vehículos

Choosing a policy that includes liability insurance not only protects you but also others Liability insurance is essential in any vehicle policy as it covers expenses in the event of accidents resulting in bodily injury or property damage to other drivers, their passengers, or pedestrians. Having adequate liability coverage helps avoid penalties and fines, as […]

Technology and safety in transportation: the truck driver’s perspective

En la imagen se muestra un camionero conduciendo seguro

Survey reveals safety technology devices preferred by truck drivers Technology in the transportation industry has not only optimized processes but has also significantly enhanced safety for both vehicles and truck drivers. Fleets continually implement safety equipment to ensure their personnel avoid risky situations. Truck drivers, who use this technology daily, attest to its effectiveness and […]

Cars that went from classic to commercial vehicles

Chevrolet Corvair 95

The transformation of passenger vehicles into commercial vehicles The transformation of passenger vehicles into commercial vehicles is a practice that has evolved over the years. From family vans to pick-up models, this adaptation demonstrates the versatility of classic vehicles to fulfill different roles in the market. Below, we will explore a selection of these vehicles […]

First hydrogen-powered ferry and train set to transform California

First U.S. commercial ferry and passenger train to run on hydrogen to launch in California California continues to lead in implementing strategies for biofuel-based transportation. Recently announced are the first commercial ferry and the first passenger train in the United States to operate on hydrogen fuel, both running in California. This demonstrates a growing commitment […]

Use of telematics to mitigate risks in fleets

En la imagen se muestra una flota utilizando telemática

Telematics emerges as a crucial tool for modern fleets and insurers In modern fleet management, telematics has become a crucial component to mitigate risks and optimize operations. Both large and small fleets are adopting this technology as a fundamental part of their risk reduction strategies. But what exactly is telematics and why is it so […]

Evaluation of electric vehicles in freight transportation, opportunities and challenges

En la imagen se muestran camiones eléctricos

A study conducted by NACFE and RMI on the opportunities for electric vehicle adoption in the trucking industry A study conducted by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and RMI last September evaluated the commercial performance of 22 battery electric vehicles ranging from Class 2b to Class 8 over a three-week period. These […]

Transformation of I-94 in Michigan: a glimpse into the future of highways

The pilot project on I-94 in Michigan has culminated in the creation of a connected corridor spanning 65 kilometers between Detroit and Ann Arbor The future of transportation in the United States is being built along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 94 in Michigan. This highway is the site of a project led by Cavnue, […]

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