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A debate over heavy truck parking broke out in this Florida county.

The Acreage, a census-designated community in Palm Beach County, Florida, finds itself in the midst of intense debate due to a recent ordinance establishing weight limits for trucks operating in the area. Previously used as parking by state and interstate truckers, the community faces significant changes with the implementation of this measure.

A recently passed ordinance limits truck weight to 16,000 pounds, representing an increase from the previous limit of 12,500 pounds. However, this figure still falls far below the typical 80,000-pound load of fully loaded tractor trailers, posing significant challenges for truckers relying on the area for parking their vehicles.

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Commissioner Mack Bernard has proposed July 1st as the deadline for truckers to file a lawsuit challenging the ordinance. Meanwhile, Commissioner Sara Baxter is exploring options to allow existing truckers to remain in The Acreage. However, some commissioners oppose changes that would permit trucks in residential areas or increase the weight limit.

Debate in The Acreage: yes or no to heavy trucks parking.

The debate has become particularly heated, with trucker demonstrations at the county administrative building in West Palm Beach and packed meeting rooms during public sessions. Truckers have expressed their need to work to support their families, while residents, as well as the Indian Trail Improvement District (ITID) and the Acreage Landowners Association, strongly oppose any ordinance allowing truck parking in the area.

In addition to tensions among different stakeholders, there are also financial concerns. ITID Executive Director Burgess Hanson has pointed out that the infrastructure needed to accommodate trucks, such as paving the 436 miles of roads in The Acreage, would require a significant investment of between $1,400 and $2,400 million, which would fall on ITID taxpayers.

Even those opposed to higher weight limits acknowledge the critical shortage of semi-truck parking spaces. Many of these vehicles are parked along ramps of Interstate 95 and Florida’s Turnpike. County planners have been instructed to study possible zoning changes that would facilitate the construction of commercial truck parking areas in Palm Beach County.

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