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The machines are severely damaged when summer hits and the heat exceeds its marks. What you should check.

The human body is not the only one affected by high temperatures. The machines also “suffer”. How to take care of your commercial vehicle? There are several recommendations to keep in mind:

Water for the body, coolant for the truck

Checking that the coolant is in good condition is important as is checking the truck’s coolant hose. If the truck gets hot, it is essential to check the radiator tank two hours after the engine has cooled. Remember to let it cool to avoid possible burns. If it is within your means, replace all coolant hoses as the leaks are usually minute and difficult to notice.

Some fresh air

Air conditioning is required in the months of high temperatures. Verifying its correct operation will bring relief to drivers. In particular that there are no leaks in the valves or hoses. Recharging the system is another of the tips.

It should be noted that the heat is dangerous for those who drive and that it also leads the trucker to get tired on the road, which can cause serious accidents.

Another determining factor has to do with air filters. It is advisable that they are new or clean. This is related to heat indirectly. The greatest number of fires occur in summer, to prevent smoke or microparticles from entering the cabin it is essential that the filters are in perfect condition.

Tires with good amount of air

Too much air or little. Both factors are just as bad when the heat hits the tarmac and can lead to blowouts. Attention then with the air of this important part of your truck.


Excessive heat causes batteries to fail. That is why the electrolyte levels of the battery must be at their maximum level. This means that you have to have it fully charged. A tip from the experts: always keep the battery terminals and cable ends clean for a strong connection.


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