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A lunar eclipse associated with the full moon indicates endings and moments of conclusion

In the early morning of March 25th, 98% of the Moon’s surface was covered by the Earth’s penumbral shadow. This was the penumbral lunar eclipse of 2024, which took place during Monday morning. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when the Moon passes solely through the penumbral shadow of the Earth, resulting in a subtle dimming of the lunar surface.

The eclipse coincided with the full moon of March, also known as the Worm Moon due to the traditions of ancient civilizations associating it with the beginning of planting and hunting seasons. The Worm Moon marks the onset of spring, when worms emerge from the ground due to the spring warmth. Furthermore, this cosmic event, according to experts in the field, is believed to bring strong energies for all zodiac signs.

Characteristics of lunar eclipses

Eclipses present opportunities for personal growth and evolution. In addition to this, it has other characteristics such as:

  • They are often linked to the conclusion of cycles or situations in a person’s life.
  • Eclipses can reveal hidden information, granting greater understanding of certain aspects of life.
  • During eclipses, emotions and feelings tend to intensify, bringing to the surface issues that need to be addressed.
  • They can indicate the need to resolve internal or external tensions, seeking a solution or closure.
  • Eclipses also mark a turning point requiring adjustments in life direction or important decisions to move forward.
  • And they can test existing relationships or reveal crucial information affecting their dynamics.
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What does the lunar eclipse in Libra signify?

A lunar eclipse associated with the full moon indicates endings and moments of conclusion. It invites reflection on our past in light of our present experiences, often accompanied by confusion and the revelation of hidden emotions. These events typically mark climatic situations where emotions can manifest intensely and be perceived clearly by others.

Given that the eclipse occurred in the sign of Libra, the energy of balance, relationships, and harmony is expected to be particularly prominent during this period. People will have the opportunity to harmonize their personal needs with those of their relationships. However, some signs may feel these effects more intensely, especially Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, both in their lunar sign and ruler.

According to Ptolemy, a lunar eclipse has effects for as many months as the duration of its shadow. Another theory suggests that the effect of an eclipse persists until the next one of the same category occurs. Additionally, the impact of an eclipse is not limited to its occurrence; its effects are also perceived when an activating planet, typically Mars, aspects or conjoins the eclipse point.

It is advisable to postpone any concrete action during this period due to the unstable energy, but it is conducive to self-care practices such as meditation and cleansing rituals involving fire, herbs, and baths. The eclipse is a suitable time for reflection and introspection, in response to the personal transformation associated with this lunar cycle.

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