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The biggest challenge lies in the need to care for and provide for the children at the same time

Long hours of work, complete dedication, putting others’ needs first, ensuring everything is in order; these are some of the characteristics shared by the job of being a truck driver and being a mother. Now imagine being both. The trucking industry is a space fraught with complications for women who dedicate themselves to this industry and are also mothers; they have a much more complicated job.

For men working on the road, life can be tough, but for women, it’s even more challenging. They are separated from their families and friends and are forced to face sexism, sexual harassment, personal safety, hygiene, and a trucker lifestyle often associated with health issues.

For many mothers in trucking, their children have grown up or moved away, so spending days away from home may not be as exhausting, but it doesn’t eliminate the feeling of loneliness. However, for those mothers with young children, being away can be a significant challenge.

En la imagen se muestra una mujer dentro de un camión

Mothers on the road: the task of providing for a family

The younger the children, the greater the challenges. Trucking offers a quick way out of unemployment or underemployment to a better lifestyle, which becomes a great incentive for mothers trying to provide for their children. However, logistical and lifestyle challenges persist. Women in this industry describe a work environment that requires vigilance against sexual predators, dealing with inappropriate male coworkers, and caring for children or elderly parents while thousands of kilometers away from home.

The biggest challenge lies in the need to care for and provide for the children at the same time. While providing for the children can be achieved by being part of the transportation industry, the same quality of care cannot be offered as would be done by being present at home. Truck-driving mothers need extra help at home to carry out their duties on the road.

Fortunately, once experience is gained in the industry, schedules and trips become more flexible; however, long trips are often unavoidable. Although it’s a challenging task, it’s not impossible, as demonstrated by mothers who are capable of achieving it. Despite criticism, fatigue from efforts, and the pain of being away from home, truck-driving mothers remain strong, setting an example for everyone.

En la imagen se muestran una madre y su hijo

A mother trucker’s journey is filled with resilience, determination, and pushing past limits. It’s possible to achieve, even if the effort is greater. Here are some words of encouragement and advice for mothers who are performing their daily duties:

  1. Don’t let stereotypes limit you; set aside fear
  2. Your well-being and safety are always top priority
  3. Build a community with other women in the industry for support
  4. Your work helps foster a more inclusive trucking sector
  5. Prioritize physical and mental well-being
  6. Someday your children will appreciate all the effort you’ve made

No effort is in vain, especially when done out of love. Motherhood is a challenging task, but the results are always fruitful. Keep breaking stereotypes and setting an example for your sons and daughters; they will learn to recognize your greatness and dedication. The industry needs more equitable spaces, and it’s up to the women already in this sector to start building them for future generations.


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