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The best way to prevent these incidents is by being a safe and well-informed driver

Every year, the United States records approximately 388,000 truck accidents, representing about 6.5% of all reported vehicular collisions. With the ongoing expansion of the trucking industry, these incidents continue to rise. The best way to prevent these incidents is by being a safe and well-informed driver.

While truck accidents are less common than car accidents, the chances of sustaining serious injuries or even fatalities are higher in such collisions. This implies that drivers of smaller vehicles face a considerably greater risk of suffering deadly consequences in such events.

What measures to take to prevent truck accidents?

Truck drivers often face excessive workloads, contributing to accidents. Many work beyond the legal limit of 11 consecutive driving hours to meet tight schedules. Additionally, trucks often transport hazardous materials, increasing the risk of explosions and exposure to harmful substances in the event of an accident.

Although it’s important to acknowledge that not all responsibility falls solely on truck drivers, they play a crucial role in staying vigilant on the roads, given their different perspective compared to other vehicles. Their limited visibility requires special attention to anticipate and avoid risky situations, thereby contributing to road safety for all road users.

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Beware of blind spots

Trucks have many blind spots; if you can’t see the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver may not even be aware that you are sharing the road with them. Blind spots for a truck driver typically include:

  • 10-20 feet directly in front of or behind the truck
  • Along the driver’s side of the truck
  • At least half the length of the trailer when reversing
  • The right side of the truck

Take precautions and make proper use of signaling

It is essential for all drivers to take precautions when overtaking, a vital practice for road safety. Before changing lanes or overtaking, it is crucial to check the rear-view mirrors and blind spots, ensuring a safe and efficient maneuver. Don’t forget to signal your intentions with indicators, giving other drivers enough time to react to your move, when turning at an intersection, overtaking vehicles or obstacles on the road, changing lanes, or pulling onto the shoulder, enhancing communication and reducing the risk of accidents.

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Maintain space between you and other vehicles

It is recommended to maintain a distance of at least two car lengths from nearby vehicles. This practice ensures both you and other drivers have the necessary time to react to any situation and maneuver safely. During heavy traffic, it is advisable to keep as much distance as possible between your vehicle and others to achieve more efficient braking times.

Avoid distractions

Keep your focus on the road at all times, refrain from being distracted by mobile phone use. It is advisable to periodically check the rear-view mirrors to be aware of the surrounding environment. And don’t forget to stay mentally present behind the wheel, as lack of attention could have fatal consequences.

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