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Briefs: truckers challenge parking laws, speed limits, and safety regulations

En la imagen se muestra un camión en carretera

Truckers sue Palm Beach County, California introduce smart speed laws, Colorado in commercial vehicle bill Truckers sue Palm Beach County, Florida over parking fines in The Acreage The community of The Acreage in Palm Beach County, Florida, once a parking spot for state and interstate truckers, found itself embroiled in a dispute in February. The controversy […]

The importance of vehicle insurance in California

En la imagen se muestra una persona obteniendo una póliza de seguro para vehículo

In California penalties for driving without insurance add up quickly, especially if the state’s penalty assessments are added to violations Driving without insurance in California carries serious and costly consequences. The state requires minimum auto insurance coverage, which is set at $15,000 dollars for bodily injury per person, $30,000 dollars for bodily injury per accident, […]

Federal Judge upholds AB5 regulations in California trucking law battle

En la imagen se muestra un edificio gubernamental con la bandera de California

Judge Roger Benítez ruled that AB5 does not violate the Constitution and any issues with it should be addressed politically In 2019, California passed the AB5 law for worker classification. The California Trucking Association filed a lawsuit, leading a district court to issue a preliminary injunction against the law’s enforcement in the trucking sector, which […]

California faces legal battle over new emission laws

En la imagen se muestra la bandera de California

California’s new emission laws have prompted a lawsuit against the state. California’s new emission laws, which require both in-state and out-of-state companies to report on their supply chain emissions and mitigation efforts, have prompted a lawsuit against the state. This lawsuit was filed by the United States Chamber of Commerce, the American Farm Bureau Federation, […]

Anti-pollution technology in California ports

En la imagen se muestra un buque expulsando gases

Stax Engineering has implemented this anti-pollution technology in the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach share similarities, being among the busiest ports. Currently, in the port of Los Angeles, a barge with a 270-foot flexible arm has been installed, hovering over the chimney of a […]

California weather crisis: storms and relief efforts

En la imagen se muestra una tormenta en la ciudad de Los Angeles

California has been battered by a series of intense storms during the early weeks of February. California has been battered by a series of intense storms during the early weeks of February. These weather events have caused disasters such as floods, power outages, landslides, and structural collapses. It is expected that the storms will leave […]

Severe storm and possible flooding in the state of California

Authorities issue evacuation warnings for severe storms on the west coast. The storm known as “Pineapple Express,“ originating from Hawaii in the tropical Pacific, has swept over the West Coast of the United States, causing torrential rains and strong winds, with a potential threat of flash floods and landslides. Rain began on Thursday morning and […]

Navigating the Storm: Expert Insights into Freight and Trucking Fraud

By Bob Dilliplaine In the dynamic world of freight and trucking, the current economic climate has ushered in a challenging era marked by a significant rise in fraudulent activities. As an industry expert with years of experience, I’m here to guide you through these turbulent times, offering crucial insights and strategies to safeguard your business […]

Wise Choice Trans. Corp. bankruptcy filing

En la imagen se muestra un documento con la leyenda "Bancarrota"

With 34 power units and 33 drivers, the company filed for bankruptcy last thursday. Based in Hayward, California, Wise Choice Trans. Corp., with 34 power units and 33 drivers, filed for bankruptcy with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California last thursday. Established in 2009, the company provided last-mile, partial and full […]

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