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The wire runs 30 miles and borders the Rio Grande.

The US Supreme Court decided, in a 5-4 vote, to rule in favor of the Biden administration. The Government had filed an emergency appeal so that Texas would have to remove the barbed wire that was installed on the border with Mexico.

Thus, after the ruling, the deployed wire can be removed when the Biden administration considers it. It is a concertina that Greg Abbott, the governor of the State, installed and that runs 30 miles. It borders the Rio Grande and is close to Eagle Pass, a border city.

The fight between Biden and Abbott is nothing new. So much so that this Republican governor has spoken on occasions about: “Biden’s reckless open border policies.”

While a tough Republican sector advocates a strict border policy, Democrats maintain that this conflict is inhumane and cruel. On this occasion the Supreme Court had to lean towards Biden since border security and immigration depend on the federal government and not the state.

Abbott versus Biden, Biden versus Abbott

This is not the first dissidence between both leaders. Operation Lone Star also confronted them and generated long lines of trucks waiting to cross the border from Mexico to the United States. This operation sought to fight illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking. However, different sectors claimed that the extensive controls hindered transportation and generated millions in losses.

In addition to these actions, Abbott had floating barriers placed in the Rio Grande, in the Eagle Pass area, and gave the state police power to arrest suspected illegal immigrants who were accused of trespassing.

All of these measures are also in conflict with the Biden administration from where challenges have been presented.

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