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Sunny outlook: optimism for the transportation market this summer

En la imagen se muestran contenedores de cargamento y un camión

The Outbound Tender Volume Index shows an increase of over 7.1% The Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) serves as a record of electronic requests from shippers to carriers, primarily in long-term contracts. This index has shown an increase between May 26th and June 3rd, of over 7.1%, highlighting one of the largest increases in demand […]

Protecting the roads: National Secure Your Cargo Day

En la imagen se muestra un conductor asegurando su carga

On June 6th, the National Secure Your Load Day is commemorated as a safety campaign about the risks of unsecured loads An unsecured load poses a risk to both the driver and other vehicles sharing the road. Annually, on June 6th, the National Secure Your Load Day is commemorated, a safety campaign founded in 2004 […]

Disruptions in freight transport following Suez Canal problems

En la imagen se muestra un barco transportando mercancía

This scenario affects the efficiency and speed of shipping worldwide. The Suez Canal, a crucial maritime route connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, has been facing significant challenges since mid-November due to attacks by Houthi rebels from Yemen, backed by Iran. This has led to increased maritime transportation costs, with major container companies […]

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