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The viability of hydrogen as an alternative for heavy-duty vehicles

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo recargando hidrógeno

World authorities continue to try to establish biofuels as the new standard for vehicles Russian research vessels have reported the discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in the British Antarctic Territory, where expropriation is prohibited. It is estimated that these reserves contain around 511 billion barrels of oil. Amid escalating global tensions, this discovery […]

Driving towards zero: national strategy for emission-free freight in the US

En la imagen se observa un camión eléctrico recargando batería

A plan to guide the development of refueling and hydrogen supply infrastructures for medium and heavy vehicles The federal agencies have launched the National Strategy for Zero-Emission Freight Corridors, aimed at guiding the development of hydrogen refueling and supply infrastructure for medium and heavy-duty vehicles until 2040, with the goal of facilitating the transition to […]

Is the end of diesel approaching? DTNA and the future of zero emissions

En la imagen se muestra un señalamiento alusivo a las cero emisiones

2027 could mark the end of diesel engine development programs worldwide At the recent Green Truck Summit, held on March 5th in Indianapolis, Daimler Truck North America highlighted the industry’s strong commitment to developing cleaner technologies and exploring alternatives for the future of road transportation. While a gradual shift towards more sustainable energies is foreseen, […]

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