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US Department of Labor introduces new labor classification regulation

En la imagen se muestra un hombre con la cabeza baja, caminando frente a un camión

Controversies surrounding the determination of employee or independent contractor status. On January 9, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor announced a new regulation modifying guidelines for determining the classification of employees or independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This regulation, effective from March 11, 2024, aims to establish a more consistent analysis […]

Trucking jobs: 2023 Review and Outlook for 2024

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The trucking sector suffered a significant net loss in August from which it never fully recovered. Last year, the freight transportation industry experienced a recession as a consequence of the country’s economic situation. This slowdown had a negative impact on various sectors related to the transportation of goods, affecting both employees and employers, and particularly […]

Challenges and Advancements in the Adoption of Electric Trucks in 2023

En la imagen se observa un camión eléctrico en carretera

The year 2023 witnessed significant challenges and notable advancements in the adoption of battery electric trucks Throughout 2023, the adoption of battery electric trucks experienced slower growth than anticipated, facing challenges in demand and infrastructure, according to executives from original equipment manufacturers. Rakesh Aneja from Daimler Truck North America emphasized the need for technological advancements, […]

2023 trucking industry challenges

Trunck on route USA

Over 4,000 industry stakeholders surveyed this year to identify these challenges The economy, truck parking, fuel prices, driver shortage, and compensation are among the key issues in the trucking transport sector as it enters 2024. The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) surveyed over 4,000 industry stakeholders this year to identify these challenges. Rebecca Brewster, President […]

Bedtime: where truckers sleep and how they rest

Resting in a cabin can be somewhat uncomfortable; the key is to make the most of rest periods For long-haul truckers, sleep is a crucial part of the job. Driving while fatigued and sleepy not only jeopardizes their lives but also the lives of other drivers on the same roads. Sufficient rest helps prevent potential […]

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