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The year 2023 witnessed significant challenges and notable advancements in the adoption of battery electric trucks

Throughout 2023, the adoption of battery electric trucks experienced slower growth than anticipated, facing challenges in demand and infrastructure, according to executives from original equipment manufacturers.

Rakesh Aneja from Daimler Truck North America emphasized the need for technological advancements, appropriate charging infrastructure, and acceptable ownership costs to achieve widespread success, noting that costs are decreasing more slowly than anticipated, possibly requiring additional public incentives.

In contrast, no traditional company launched Class 8 battery electric trucks in the U.S. in 2023, highlighting the need to overcome obstacles before achieving more extensive adoption. Despite these challenges, Schneider stood out in November by becoming the first carrier to reach one million miles with zero emissions using eCascadias.

Volvo Trucks North America offered various electric options in its VNR Electric product line, while Peterbilt focused on enhancing the customer experience and added power take-off capabilities to its flagship model, the 579.

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In 2023, emerging companies like Lion Electric Co. introduced medium-duty trucks, showcasing their Lion5 model with a range of up to 200 miles and a maximum payload of 12,500 pounds. Additionally, in May, Kodiak Robotics launched an autonomous 579 EV retrofit during the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, serving as the primary stage for the largest batch of battery electric truck product releases in 2023.

Challenges in battery reliability and supply affected both established players and disruptors in the industry. Scott Barraclough from Mack Trucks highlighted the efficient resolution of battery-related issues.

In August, Nikola Corp. recalled 209 Class 8 Tre battery electric trucks due to a fire caused by a refrigerant leak. While they are accepting orders, production will not resume until next year.

California remains a leader in electric truck adoption, but concerns arise about its capacity to provide sufficient charging options. The California Air Resources Board set ambitious goals for electric fleets, but as 2023 progressed, doubts grew about the state’s ability to install the 157,000 chargers required for medium and heavy-duty trucks, despite the acknowledged complexity of implementation.

The year 2023 witnessed significant challenges and notable advancements in the adoption of battery electric trucks. Despite slower-than-anticipated growth and the need to overcome obstacles in costs, infrastructure, and demand, certain milestones, such as Schneider’s achievement of one million emission-free miles and the introduction of innovative models by emerging companies, highlight progress in transitioning to more sustainable vehicles.

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