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Reasons to join the trucking industry

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Stability, opportunity and adventure in the trucking industry Road transportation is a sector constantly in high demand. Working in this field ensures job stability, as transportation will always be indispensable. Throughout 2024, we have experienced both prosperous and challenging days in this industry, yet the benefits it offers to its employees prevail. Why consider joining […]

Interesting facts about truck drivers

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Facts about truckers to highlight their great feats and the lifestyle they maintain Truck drivers play a crucial role in society by transporting goods over long distances and facilitating relationships between producers and consumers. Their work is essential for distributing goods nationwide, thus keeping the economy running. Despite facing loneliness and health risks, truck drivers […]

Clean driving records basics

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How to achieve a clean driving record A clean driving record refers to a motor vehicle record (MVR) without violations, at-fault accidents, or traffic-related convictions over a defined period. This record can result in a reduction in car insurance premiums, as a clean driving history indicates that the individual is a low-risk to insure, resulting […]

8 essential tools that every truck driver should carry

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During long trips, it is essential to have tools that can be useful in any situation Truck drivers spend a considerable amount of time on the road, and like any other driver, it’s essential to have tools that can be useful in case of minor emergencies. Determining which items to have on hand to ensure […]

Recruitment and retention for truck drivers in 2023

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It is anticipated that the freight transportation sector may recover in the first quarter of 2024 In 2020, the pandemic brought about an increase in the demand for freight transportation, consequently creating a greater need for truck drivers capable of handling the challenging required work. The demand for professional truck drivers has continued to show […]

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