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A look at the declining diesel prices in the US

En la imagen se muestra una bomba de diésel

Despite conflicts in the Middle East and navigation diversions in the Red Sea, oil prices remain unaffected The average diesel price has decreased for the fifth consecutive week. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), this week’s average retail diesel price dropped by 4.6 cents, reaching $3.848 per gallon. Over the past five declines, the […]

Marijuana reclassification: implications for CDL drivers and public safety

En la imagen se muestra una persona sosteniendo marihuana

It seeks to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III, how does this affect shippers? The Biden Administration seeks to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. According to reports, the Attorney General has presented this proposal to the White House Office of Management and Budget, backed by the opinion of the Department […]

Interesting facts about truck drivers

En la imagen se muestra un camionero

Facts about truckers to highlight their great feats and the lifestyle they maintain Truck drivers play a crucial role in society by transporting goods over long distances and facilitating relationships between producers and consumers. Their work is essential for distributing goods nationwide, thus keeping the economy running. Despite facing loneliness and health risks, truck drivers […]

U.S.-Mexico cross-border transportation controversies

En la imagen se muestran las banderas de México y Estados Unidos

In recent years, US companies establish operations in Mexico to hire drivers with B-1 visas In recent years, a phenomenon has been observed in the transportation industry, driven by irregular practices by fleet managers. US companies establish operations in Mexico to hire drivers with B-1 visas, paying them less than their American counterparts. Industry stakeholders […]

Discussion on regulations in the transportation industry

En la imagen se muestra el cuerpo de un hombre de espaldas, frente a un camión

The trucking industry, which relies heavily on contractors and owner-operators, how do regulations affect these groups? The delay in finalizing government regulations has sparked criticism and debates over the government’s speed of action. While some believe the government is moving too fast, others argue that regulations are too slow. Recently, representatives from the American Trucking […]

What if 70 was the new age of retirement in the US?

En la imagen se muestran dos adultos mayores jubilados

A proposal that has generated an intense dialogue, with arguments for and against The full retirement age (FRA) varies depending on the year and month of birth. Although the average age is around 67 years, recently, the possibility of raising it to 70 years has emerged as a topic of debate among politicians. This proposal […]

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