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A proposal that has generated an intense dialogue, with arguments for and against

The full retirement age (FRA) varies depending on the year and month of birth. Although the average age is around 67 years, recently, the possibility of raising it to 70 years has emerged as a topic of debate among politicians. This proposal has sparked intense dialogue, with arguments for and against.

In a budget proposal published by Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, it is suggested that 70 years should be the new retirement age. However, for American citizens, retiring at 70 years old is not ideal, as many seek retirement even before reaching the FRA.

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Supporters of the increase point out the need to adjust the retirement age to ensure the sustainability of pension systems in the context of an aging population and demographic changes. They argue that extending the working life would help strengthen the system’s finances and ensure that retirement benefits are viable in the long term.

On the other hand, critics of this measure raise concerns about its impact on older workers, especially in terms of health and ability to continue performing their job duties. Ultimately, the decision to increase the retirement age will require careful balance between financial, social, and worker welfare considerations.

What would this mean for American workers?

According to Brandy Burch, CEO of Benefitbay, it is highly likely that 70 years old will become the new standard retirement age in the US. This is due to economic changes, increased life expectancy, and the need to ensure the financial sustainability of Social Security. A longer and healthier life suggests that more years of active work could improve retirement preparedness and address potential deficits in public pension plans.

However, retiring later can pose significant challenges for many individuals. On one hand, health issues may limit the ability to work until 70 years old. Additionally, there is a risk of age discrimination in the workplace, making it difficult for older workers to find employment. Lastly, increasing the retirement age may lead to financial difficulties for those unable to extend their working lives until 70 years old.

Retirees who already receive Social Security benefits would likely not be affected, while those who choose to take benefits early would be most affected. Furthermore, this change could encourage individuals with high account balances to take required minimum distributions early. However, it is unclear how this increase would affect those who wait until 70 years old to receive a larger retirement check. In any case, retirement income planning would become even more critical for retirees in general.

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How to stay stable if the FRA changes?

Although it’s all speculation, the current economic situation in the United States does not rule out the possibility of this becoming a reality for American workers. To prepare, here are some brief tips to ensure your finances are stable and you can enjoy a dignified retirement:

  • Start a savings plan early
  • Invest in your health
  • Plan for high-cost health insurance
  • Make adjustments in your personal finances
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