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Contracted carriers and Postal Service employees must report these incidents within three days of the accident

The House of Representatives has passed the 2024 Postal Traffic Fatality Notification Act, a legislative measure designed to address concerns about road safety associated with the United States Postal Service. The bill, introduced by Congressman Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, responds to investigations that have revealed deficiencies in safety records and oversight of transportation companies contracted by the Postal Service.

This legislation establishes new provisions requiring the Postal Service and its transportation contractors to report to the agency on traffic accidents involving mail vehicles resulting in injuries or deaths. Contracted carriers and Postal Service employees must report these incidents within three days of the accident.

Additionally, the law mandates the Postal Service to maintain an internal database of these reports and to publish an annual summary of related information. These measures are intended to enhance oversight and transparency regarding road safety in Postal Service transportation.

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Safety and accountability

The passage of this law represents a significant step toward improving safety and accountability in Postal Service transportation, providing a stronger regulatory framework to ensure the protection of workers and the general public.

Congressman Gerry Connolly highlights that at least 79 people have died in accidents related to Postal Service transportation over the past three years. Furthermore, he noted USPS’s lack of transparency, as it did not report serious accidents involving its trucking contractors. Hence, the bill mandates that accident reports submitted by contracted carriers and Postal Service employees must detail the accident, including date, time, location, nature, contractor identification, number of injuries, fatalities, and any contributing factors. Contractors must update the reports as necessary.

The legislation stipulates that those failing to report accidents will face penalties, such as fines or contract termination, determined by the Postal Service, considering the severity of the accident and the frequency of law non-compliance. The bill, now heading to the Senate, has a 34% chance of approval, according to information shared by FreightWaves.


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