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A total of 19 interstate highways with scores ranging from 85.10 to 93.50, with a ranking developed by Trucker Path

Trucker Path, a company specializing in management solutions for drivers, agents, and fleets, has recently published a ranking of the most and least favorable interstate routes for truckers in the United States. This assessment is based on multiple factors collected from users in 2023, highlighting a total of 19 interstate highways with scores ranging from 85.10 to 93.50, using various criteria to determine the final rating.

The evaluated categories included parking availability, ratings of truck stops located on the interstate, and fuel prices. With the highest scores, Interstate 90, I-5, and I-44 stood out as the most trucker-friendly. Interstate 90 stretches from Seattle to Boston, I-5 spans the entire West Coast from the Mexican border to Canada, and I-44 runs from northern Texas to St. Louis.

En la imagen se muestra la Interestatal 90

Classification of interstate highways

Trucker Path developed the rankings using a system that incorporates points, ratings, and feedback provided by users of its application. According to Chris Olive, the company’s marketing director, the app receives over 20 million monthly contributions from truckers, which was crucial in establishing the rankings.

Using a 100-point base system, the top 5 interstates obtained the following scores:

  • I-90 with 93.50 points
  • I-5 with 92.97 points
  • I-44 with 92.72 points
  • I-15 with 92.25 points
  • I-35 with 92.20 points
En la imagen se muestra la Interestatal 5

Trucker Path allocated a 45% weighting to the availability of safe and accessible parking in its interstate rankings. Despite improvements between 2021 and 2023, the company found that 9% of areas lacked spaces during the day and 26% lacked spaces at night. 27.5% of Trucker Path’s ratings were given to the services most requested by truckers, which are: parking, clean showers, on-site restaurants, healthy food selection and 24/7 maintenance services. In addition, accounting for another 27.5% in their ratings were fuel prices.

The remaining interstates with high rankings are shown in the accompanying image from truckerpath.com. It displays the 19 highest-rated interstate highways in the United States, with scores above 80.

En la imagen se muestran las interestatales mejor calificadas en Estados Unidos
Top-rated interstates in the United States, image obtained from truckerpath.com
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