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The Houston metropolitan area faces severe challenges following Hurricane Beryl's passage on July 8th

Houston’s metropolitan areas face severe challenges following Hurricane Beryl’s passage on July 8th. The storm, which claimed several lives and unleashed catastrophic floods, left millions without electricity and exposed to dangerous heat conditions in the coming days.

Until Wednesday, a heat advisory remains in effect in parts of Texas, with temperatures potentially reaching 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Widespread power loss has eliminated access to air conditioning in many homes, creating significant risks according to the National Weather Service.

Local authorities have issued a call for residents to stay at home whenever possible, given the risk of prolonged exposure to extreme heat and flooding caused by the hurricane. Inoperative traffic lights and fallen power lines further complicate the situation, creating a hazardous environment for drivers and pedestrians on affected streets.

According to data from PowerOutage.us, more than 2.3 million homes and businesses in the Houston area remain without electricity, although this number has decreased from a peak exceeding 2.7 million on Monday. Authorities are working to restore power as quickly as possible, prioritizing areas most affected by storm damage.

Despite weakening to a tropical depression, Beryl remains a threat as it moves northeast from southwestern Arkansas. Heavy rains and possible flash floods are expected from the Mississippi Valley to the Great Lakes during Tuesday and Wednesday.

En la imagen se muestra la ola de calor provocada por el huracán Beryl
Beryl storm, Zoom Earth

Texas ports closed due to hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl has also impacted the supply chain, as ports along the Texas Gulf Coast have ceased operations, halting vessel traffic since early Monday morning in anticipation of heavy rains and potentially deadly storm surges.

The ports of Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, Freeport, and Texas City were closed on Sunday morning after the Coast Guard, according to Reuters. Port authorities announced through a statement on platform X that repairs will continue, with an update expected on their reopening later on Tuesday afternoon. For now, all vessel movements and cargo operations are restricted.

En la imagen se muestra el huracán Beryl
Beryl storm, Zoom Earth

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