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The impact caused the bridge to collapse, sending cars and people plunging into the river below

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed Tuesday morning after a 948-foot container ship lost power and collided with it. Vehicles and individuals fell into the water, triggering a large-scale search-and-rescue operation. Two survivors were rescued, with one hospitalized, while six individuals remain missing. The collapse closed one of the busiest ports in the United States as rescuers continue searching the Patapsco River for more survivors.

Ship’s crew issued a distress call before the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, allowing authorities to restrict vehicular traffic in the area, according to the Governor of Maryland. U.S. Coast Guard was alerted to the collapse at 1:27 AM and deployed search and rescue teams.

The involved vessel was identified as the Dali, owned by Grace Ocean Pte Ltd and operated by Synergy Marine Corp. According to Synergy, the Dali collided with one of the bridge’s pillars, and all crew members, including the two pilots, have been located with no reported injuries.

En la imagen se muestra el accidente ocurrido en el puente de Baltimore

According to the Baltimore fire chief, using infrared technology and side-scan sonar, five submerged vehicles were identified in the water, which is approximately 15 meters deep. The water temperature was around 47 degrees Fahrenheit before dawn on Tuesday, according to data collected by a buoy for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Six people who were working on the bridge remain missing, and one of the rescued individuals was taken to the hospital.

Traffic and freight movement on the East Coast

The Maryland Transportation Authority urges drivers to avoid Interstate 695 due to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. This incident will disrupt freight movement on the East Coast as the port is crucial for commercial maritime transportation, recording over 750,000 vehicles in 2022, according to port data.

The closure of this key port threatens to disrupt the supply of various products, from automobiles to coal and other commodities such as sugar. This could lead to bottlenecks and increase delays and costs in the Northeast. The Francis Scott Key Bridge was a major route between New York and Washington, with a daily traffic of 31,000 cars and an annual total of 11.3 million vehicles.

En la imagen se muestra el accidente ocurrido en el puente de Baltimore
En la imagen se muestra un camión nuevo

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