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Colorado bans left lane travel on I-70, Tennessee installs weigh-in-motion technology and EIA releases weekly diesel price report

Colorado bans left lane driving on I-70

The Senate Transportation and Energy Committee of Colorado voted to advance a modified bill that would expand the ban on commercial trucks in the left lane on various sections of I-70.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 57% of winter closures on Interstate 70 are caused by commercial vehicles, mostly attributed to trucks without chains. A provision of the bill would require truck drivers to carry chains when traveling on I-70 or any U.S. highway west of Morrison, with an expansion of this rule to include I-25 and state roads.

Another provision would establish speed limit control zones for trucks in Glenwood Canyon, with doubled fines for speeding. Additionally, a study would be commissioned to determine the feasibility of more chain stations in affected areas, along with an awareness campaign about the new regulations. The estimated cost of the study would be up to $50,000, according to the Legislative Council staff report.

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Tennessee installs weigh-in-motion technology on highways

The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced the installation of weigh-in-motion systems at 28 locations in the state, aiming to improve safety and efficiency on Tennessee highways.

These systems will provide essential data on vehicle weights, commercial characteristics, and may include future enhancements such as E-screening technology and automated driver assessments.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation also announced a two-week closure of the Mississippi River bridge in Memphis, beginning over the weekend. Hydro-demolition of the bridge deck will be performed to provide new coating on Interstate 55. Closures will be in effect from March 10 to March 24.

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Weekly average diesel price per gallon

The national average price of diesel barely surpassed $4 per gallon after a decrease of 1.8 cents, reaching $4.004, according to data from the Energy Information Administration published on March 11.

The average price of diesel per gallon by region, according to the EIA report, is as follows:

  • East Coast – $4.033
  • Central Atlantic – $4.309
  • California – $5.207
  • West Coast – $4.651
  • Gulf Coast – $3.702
  • Midwest – $3.913
  • Rocky Mountains – $3.992
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