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The growing threat of such thefts has triggered a technological arms race in the transport sector.

In November 2022, CargoNet from Verisk Analytics published a report documenting over 600 strategic cargo thefts in the road transportation sector, surpassing the annual average of 58 thefts. The growing threat of such thefts has triggered a technological arms race in the sector, with sophisticated thefts utilizing technologies like load boards, marking a significant shift from traditional theft methods.

Recently, Transport Topics released an article featuring insights from experts in the road transportation industry, sharing observations on how these events impact companies and workers. Scott Cornell, an expert in transportation crimes from Travelers insurance, notes a significant increase in strategic cargo thefts. According to Cornell, thieves use technology-driven deception, exploiting industry efficiencies. He also highlights the expansion of cargo theft to non-traditional regions.

Uber Freight addresses this issue by collaborating with regional law enforcement teams, despite financial limitations. The company’s compliance director emphasizes that the expansion driven by technology and anonymity is the primary cause of the rise in cargo thefts. Initially used to improve efficiencies, technology is now exploited by malicious actors. He warns about the need for controls and processes to protect all involved parties.

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Karl Fillhouer, Vice President of Sales at Circle Logistics, emphasizes the significant role of technology in the increase of cargo thefts. He points out that current thefts are more frequent and technology-driven, involving identity theft in communications and theft of cargo numbers. He also highlights the existence of technological services to prevent theft through verification and tracking.

Cornell supports the notion that carriers, shippers, and brokers are embracing more external technology to enhance cargo security and tracking. He assures that agents collaborate closely with carriers, transportation companies, and tracking technology providers, leading to the emergence of new companies in the tracking technology market. Examples like Truckstop develop campaigns to combat cargo theft, sharing information with industry agents through their data.

Truckstop has implemented preventive measures, investigating companies on its platform to detect irregularities that may indicate fraud or other issues. In the last 15 months, the company denied account creation to 10,000 individuals due to lack of qualification or fraudulent activity.

This underscores the dual nature of technology. While it is the means used to carry out strategic thefts, it also serves as the solution to stop them. Kevin Ledversis, Vice President of Sales at Newcastle Systems, emphasizes the importance of carriers investing in technology, as they face penalties for cargo loss or damage. He recommends keeping trucks in motion and using real-time location systems on pallets and boxes to limit theft opportunities.


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