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Use of telematics to mitigate risks in fleets

En la imagen se muestra una flota utilizando telemática

Telematics emerges as a crucial tool for modern fleets and insurers In modern fleet management, telematics has become a crucial component to mitigate risks and optimize operations. Both large and small fleets are adopting this technology as a fundamental part of their risk reduction strategies. But what exactly is telematics and why is it so […]

Increase in cyberattacks in transportation and labor scams in the United States

En la imagen se representa un ciberataque, con la palabra "Amenaza" en una pantalla

The Identity Theft Resource Center reveals in recent studies a troubling rise in cyberattacks within the transportation sector and labor scams facilitated by AI A recent study by SOAX, using data from the Identity Theft Resource Center, unveiled a concerning surge in cyberattacks in the United States between 2020 and 2023. In the past year, […]

Adopting AI in the transportation industry

En la imagen se muestra un vehículo con IA

AI in the transportation sector is still in its early stages, with multiple potential applications Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that describes software capable of simulating human intelligence and has existed for more than half a century. In recent years, its development has permeated various fields, including freight transportation, where investment in AI aims […]

The role of leaders in driver shortage

En la imagen se muestra un conductor

How industry leaders need to invest in new technology and educate drivers The shortage of truck drivers in the United States is a problem that affects the global supply chain. This situation disrupts the transportation of goods and services, leading to a shortage of essential products in the market and impacting the national economy. Leaders […]

The present and future of autonomous trucks in the transportation industry

En la imagen se muestra una simulación de camión autónomo

The landscape indicates that autonomous trucks are on track to become an integral part of the transportation industry in the years to come. Over the past few years, autonomous road transport has emerged as a promising frontier, blending economic benefits and safety improvements. A steady influx of new companies and technology firms has focused on […]

Cargo theft rises: expert perspectives on the matter

En la imagen se muestra un hombre robando mercancía

The growing threat of such thefts has triggered a technological arms race in the transport sector. In November 2022, CargoNet from Verisk Analytics published a report documenting over 600 strategic cargo thefts in the road transportation sector, surpassing the annual average of 58 thefts. The growing threat of such thefts has triggered a technological arms […]

Samsara vs. Motive: telematics tech battle

En la imagen se muestra la palabra "patente" bajo una lupa

Samsara contends that Motive closely monitored the company’s patented innovations and resorted to deceptive measures to replicate them. Samsara Inc., a mobile telematics provider, has filed a lawsuit against Motive Technologies Inc. for alleged patent infringement, accusing them of covertly stealing patented technologies over the years. The lawsuit, filed in a Delaware court, aims to […]

6 trucks of the past, which were ahead of the future

En la imagen se muestra el Steinwinter Supercargo 2040

Trucks with promising concepts that failed due to the impractical technology of their time. Ford Big Red, 1964 In the 1950s, the automotive industry witnessed significant expansion, driving the quest for efficient alternatives. In this context, turbine engines emerged as a potential environmentally friendly solution, contrasting with diesel trucks. Ford dedicated research to turbine engines, […]

Legislative responses in the era of autonomous trucks

En la imagen se observa una simulación de camión autónomo

Indiana and New York have plans to introduce bills that restrict the presence of these trucks on state highways. The latest advancements in autonomous trucks have led to an increased inclination towards seeking regulations that restrict the presence of these trucks on state highways. In the coming months, legislators from Indiana and New York have […]

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