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Achieve greater balance in your life and travels this Christmas

Feng Shui is a technique with origins in ancient China that seeks to provide vital balance to individuals through the arrangement, decoration, and orientation of their spaces. For many people, Feng Shui has been beneficial, bringing balance and harmony to their lives.

We are in the festive month, and it’s common that, as the days go by in a truck, your Christmas decorations are placed inside your vehicle. Taking into account the principles of Feng Shui, we present a list to enhance your Christmas decoration, achieving greater balance in your life and travels.

Sharp objects

Sharp objects can attract negative energies, according to Feng Shui, so it recommends avoiding them to ward off those energies. Among these objects, remember to avoid stars with triangular points and opt for stars with rounded points. Feng Shui suggests that if it’s necessary to place these objects, do so in a corner or a window with rounded points.

Decorations lacking symbolism or in poor condition

Feng Shui states that Christmas decorations should not be chosen randomly. To bring harmony to your truck, it recommends choosing ornaments with meaning. It’s best to place decorations that are related to your goals and objectives for the coming year. Place decorations like a happy family or a shiny truck.

Decorations in poor condition also make the list since they can similarly attract negative energies. Feng Shui recommends renewing your decorations to reflect what you want to see in your life.

Cool colors

Feng Shui recommends staying away from cool colors such as white, blue, black, or metallic colors like silver. On the contrary, it asserts that it’s best to stick to classic Christmas tones like green, red, and gold, as they attract abundance and good fortune. Bring your truck to life with warm and festive tones.

Balance in lights

When placing Christmas lights, Feng Shui recommends achieving balance, meaning that there should neither be too few nor too many. Make sure to place your Christmas lights in strategic places in your truck, whether inside or outside, but always maintaining balance.

Now you are ready to start decorating your truck for Christmas. If you’ve already started, it’s the perfect time to reorganize and bring harmony to it, to fully enjoy this festive season.

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