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Truck drivers that have seen what most people wouldn’t believe

Truck drivers traverse long highways at night, often accompanied only by the lights of their vehicles. Whether it’s a product of their imagination or fatigue, we can’t be sure, but many share stories that could send shivers down our spines. Among their experiences, truck drivers report encounters with the supernatural, and here are some of them extracted from users who share their stories on the Reddit platform.

Bigfoot in Manitoba

In 1999, according to a truck driver on the Reddit social network, he was driving his truck north through Manitoba, Canada, along an extensive road with few vehicles passing by, straight stretches, and surrounded by dense forests.

During one of his routine journeys, he spotted a figure moving in the middle of the road in the distance. He described it as something large, approximately the size of the truck’s hood, but not as long as a moose, rather tall. As he tried to discern what type of animal it was, the creature simply disappeared into the bushes at the side of the road. According to the truck driver, he felt a chill run down his spine. “I’m not sure what I saw that day, but I know it wasn’t a bear, moose, deer, or elk.” (u/thehotbreadguy, Reddit)

En la imagen se muestra un señalamiento con la imagen de pie grande

What happened last night?

A young man (Unknown, Reddit) whose job requires him to travel late at night recounts how on one occasion he woke up in a place where he didn’t remember falling asleep. After finishing his shift, he headed to a parking lot near a truck stop, where there were no signs of lights, vehicles, or the presence of other people. Despite this, exhausted from fatigue, he decided to rest there for the night.

During his sleep, everything seemed normal until it was time to wake up. The young man describes how, upon opening his eyes at dawn, he found himself parked at the side of the road with three police cars behind him, about 15 miles from the truck parking lot where he had decided to spend the night. The officers explained that they had received reports of an attempted truck theft, as they had supposedly seen a man dressed in black fleeing from the vehicle towards a nearby field. However, the young man is puzzled as to how this could have happened if the doors were securely locked. Furthermore, he claims that the sound of the truck starting should have instantly woken him up.

En la imagen se muestra un camión en la noche

Visions of the desert

In a dark stretch of road while driving from Albuquerque to Socorro, a truck driver experienced an unusual encounter. He shared his experience on Reddit, describing how in the darkness he noticed the presence of a man standing by the roadside. The man remained motionless as the truck driver continued his journey until he was very close to him, at which point the truck’s headlights fully illuminated his face.

The truck driver describes how nothing about the man seemed normal; his posture was strange, and he was wearing a gray suit. However, what caught his attention the most was his face, which appeared to be a mask, and the man was staring directly into his eyes despite the truck’s headlights shining in his face. This encounter disturbed the truck driver and left him with a strange feeling. Shortly after the incident, his radio began picking up strange noises. He concluded his story by stating that the desert is a place full of mysteries.

En la imagen se muestra una carretera en la oscuridad

Signs in the sky

In states like New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, truck drivers continue to witness inexplicable phenomena in the sky. Stories are told of lights rapidly changing direction, moving at astonishing speeds without breaking the sound barrier.

A truck driver on Reddit shares his experience of spotting these lights in the sky, observing how they float over the desert several miles away from the road, alternating between turning on and off, presenting different shapes and sizes. His most notable encounter took place in New Mexico when he stopped at an exit ramp for about 15 minutes to take a short break.

While admiring the clarity of the night sky, he suddenly saw what appeared to be a triangular formation of lights rising from the desert floor and then ascending into the sky. He continued to observe this phenomenon until the lights disappeared. Fascinated and bewildered, he decided to check the time on his watch but found that it wasn’t making any sound. When he took out his mobile phone, he realized it was off. Upon turning it on, he noticed that 5 minutes had passed since the watch stopped working, just when the lights began to turn on.

En la imagen se muestra un camión dejabo de un OVNI

Let there be light

In New Mexico, Highway 491 used to be known as Route 666, which alone generated some skepticism among those who traveled it. In the middle of the desert, a truck driver recounts a unique experience: he witnessed the sunrise at midnight.

While driving on this highway, in the depths of the night and kilometers away from civilization, he witnessed the following: in the sky, out of nowhere, a huge orange flash appeared, transforming into a giant ball, even bigger than the sun, with a texture resembling fire. This phenomenon covered the entire horizon that the truck driver could perceive, illuminating the sky as if it were dawn. After a few seconds, the light disappeared, and everything returned to normal. (/u/SIOS, Reddit)

En la imagen se muestra un camión en el desierto

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