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Studies have shown that dogs help reduce conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress. What are the best breeds to take on the road?

The job of a truck driver can become solitary. That’s why having a pet to accompany them on their journeys is an excellent way to combat mental health challenges and feel less lonely on the road. 40% of truck drivers travel with their pets precisely for this reason. Studies have shown that dogs help reduce conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress, besides being a great way to stay active with daily walks.

If you’re considering adopting a dog to accompany you on your travels, here are the best breeds to take on the road.

6 dog breeds suitable for truck drivers

1. Bulldogs

This dog breed is known for its calmness. Bulldogs are friendly and brave, with a strong preference for tranquility, making them ideal for companionship on a truck. Although they fall into the medium-sized breed category, space in the cabin is usually not an issue. They require less activity than other breeds, which is perfect for managing schedules where you can take breaks for daily walks.

2. Dachshunds

Dachshunds are ideal for accompanying truck drivers, as their loyalty and need for companionship make them excellent travel companions. With a compact size, they are ideal for the confined spaces of a truck. They have moderate energy levels, meaning they don’t require much physical activity, and they are also good watchdogs.

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3. Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are small, sturdy dogs with a friendly and sociable personality. They are adaptable, easy to care for, and train. Their energy level is moderate, and they have highly developed hearing and environmental awareness, making them protective and attentive travel companions.

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4. Beagles

With a protective nature towards their owners, beagles make good watch dogs. Sociable and friendly, they get along well with people and shed little, making them ideal for confined spaces like those of a truck. Additionally, they don’t require much exercise, making them perfect companions for life on the road.

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5. Labrador Retrievers

Labradors are good travel companions due to their friendly nature. Despite their friendliness, they are also reliable watchdogs, alerting their owners to any potential danger and providing an additional sense of security during stops. These breeds require more physical activity, so they are recommended if you have a fixed schedule or more opportunities for rest.

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6. Mixed Breed

Mixed breed dogs are incredibly adaptable and sociable. With proper training, they become ideal companions to make trips more enjoyable. Depending on the size and mix of breeds, the level of exercise needed may vary, although generally, in small to medium sizes, their energy levels are moderate. Additionally, their loyalty to their owners makes them excellent watchdogs.

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